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May 28, 2015

The Indian Net Neutrality debate is the focus of this week’s episode of Upvoted by reddit. We discuss what net neutrality is, how the debate grew in the United States, how fighters of internet freedom mobilized public opinion, how the battle in the states was won, the growth of the internet in India, the importance of mobile in the discussion, zero rated systems, and


This episode features Marvin Ammori (/u/amarv1n), Nikhil Pahwa (/u/atnixxin), and Jesse Simms (/u/actionjesse).


This episode features guest host and Upvoted producer: Alex Aldea (/u/paragonpod)


This episode features original music by Andrew Joslyn (/u/AJMuse).


This episode is sponsored by Ting and


Relevant Links:


E-Marketer Article on the Worldwide Growth of Internet Users

E-Marketer Article on the Worldwide Growth of Smartphone Users

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’s Segment about the Net Neutrality Debate in the United States

The Sunlight Foundation’s Study on Net Neutrality Lobbying

Net Index’s Study on Download Speeds by Country

The New York Times Article about Why the United States Has Fallen Behind on Internet Speeds and Price on Internet Users by Country:

Quartz’s Article on Facebook Zero

Mark Zuckerberg’s 2013 Interview with CNN about


Marvin Ammori’s Website

Andrew Joslyn Website

/u/nollie_ollie’s post about the onesie and postcard she received from Ting

May 21, 2015

Alexander Rhodes (/u/Alexanderr) is the focus of this week’s episode of Upvoted by reddit. We discuss his passion for film; getting into the entertainment industry; working as a background actor on Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher; his rise to internet fame with his role as Suspicious Onlooker; how he founded the r/NoFap subreddit; and how he raised money for /u/edify’s funeral. This episode also features an appearance from Tim Ferriss (/u/Tim-Ferriss)


Here is a statement from /u/edify’s father:


“While Jarod was alive he spoke of reddit briefly a few times. But I never heard him enough to look it up. We never knew this side of Jarod until the redditors started making comments with their contributions on GoFundMe. I am still amazed at how many people contributed to help us lay Jarod to rest. I would like to thank everyone for helping us. If I could, I would like to give a hug to everyone. So, here's an e-hug, for helping a disabled Dad bury his son. Thank You, and May God Bless all of You.”


This episode is sponsored by MeUndies and


Relevant Links:

Tom Cruise original Tweet on the Suspicious Onlooker incident

Post made when Alexander became the most popular cast member on IMDB

Alexander Rhodes' AMA

Alexander Rhodes’ IMDB Page


Alexander’s Original Call to Help /u/edify’s family on The Walking Dead subreddit

Alexander Rhodes Cracked Video

May 14, 2015

/u/Yoinkie2013, /u/motivatinggiraffe, and Arnold Schwarzenegger (/u/GovSchwarzenegger) are the focus of this week’s episode of Upvoted. We discuss Yoinkie’s Ulysses’ Bucket List challenge; the birth of Motivating Giraffe; battling with depression; the importance of positive motivation; and Arnold’s pep talk to a redditor who had a rough day at the gym.



This episode is sponsored by Ting and MeUndies.



Relevant Links:


/u/Yoinkie2013’s Original Post

/u/Yoinkee2013’s Followup Post

Motivating Giraffe Website

Motivating Giraffe on doing everything you wanted to do

Motivating Giraffe on never regretting doing the right thing

The Motivating Giraffe Book

Arnold’s motivational words of wisdom for redditor who had a bad day at the gym

/u/bigquish’s comment on Ting

/u/bydemons’ comment on MeUndies